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Another kitten rehomed. Absolutely (bittersweet) success! I took Felix to his new home today, much to his distress. Aren’t care rides with cats horrible? I have met only a couple of people who have owned cats that actually enjoy the car. Felix cried the whole time – it’s never nice to hear them do that! And I knew Greywind was at home pining for him – it’s horrible knowing all her siblings have gone. But I suppose once she goes to a new home she will be ‘all by herself’ anyway, so I shouldn’t get so upset! Obviously I’ve gotten very much attached to them, as have the rest of my family! We were all sad to see Felix go today. We were hoping his new mum would take Greywind, too, but unfortunately for Greywind it did not work out as such :( Felix actually has a new brother now, though! His new mum owns a tonkinese – adorable!! – kitten; they were greeting each other as soon as I let Felix out into their new room. So I know he is going to be one happy little lad. Oh – almost forgot; he also took his chicken with him, so I’m sure he’ll have a lot of fun showing off with that to his new owner.

I must say, he became quite the favourite. It feels somewhat empty knowing there won’t be a little kitten demanding cuddles of me before I go to sleep and first thing in the morning before work. I know I’ll feel much better once Greywind finds her ‘forever’ home.