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Last week was a very exciting week for the little kitten troupe I’m fostering for the Lonely Miaow. Yet again, they were piled into their carry cage (at which point I realised I’m going to need to get another cage – the five of them have grown so much since they were last in there; it almost doesn’t fit them anymore!) and taken to the local veterinary clinic (where I used to work as a nurse). It was a big day. I stayed to weigh them and let the vet check them over and give them their pre-surgical medication, and then popped them in a kennel and said goodbye for the day.

GreywindAs a veterinary nurse, for years I have seen a range of different owners drop their animals off for a range of surgeries, but never been on the opposite side myself. My family has always had animals, but growing up I never felt as solely responsible for them as I do with these little ones. I was surprised at how nervous and protective I felt for them! However, I knew they were in the best possible hands and was just looking forward to getting them home at the end of the day. And while they have developed into confident, purry, snuggly friendly kittens, I do still notice them hissing at strangers – or even if I walk in the door too fast and they don’t recognise me straight away; I am very familiar with working in a clinical environment with feral kittens (including the common attempted bites and scratches), and I was really hoping they didn’t cause the vet staff too much trouble! However, the final report was that they were absolutely wonderful – very well behaved and no trouble at all. I was so proud of them! It was lovely to be congratulated by the other nurses who said we must have done well raising them to this stage considering how frightened of humans they once were.

Tom Tom caught in the act of playAnd so, they are each fully vaccinated, desexed and microchipped – and absolutely ready for their ‘forever homes’. Tom Tom was adopted the very next day, in fact, and apparently he is doing really well in his new home. I can’t wait for the others – Felix, Greywind, Fluffy and Nymeria – to find homes; I only wish I could be there the first day they step outside, I can imagine it will be incredible for them!

Until then I will enjoy watching their confidence grow even more. It is so rewarding to see how they have progressed.