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The five little foster kittens are doing amazingly well. Don’t tell them, but they are booked in to be desexed and given their final vaccinations on the 9th of January – which means they will be all neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and ready to go! At this point only little Tom Tom has a home to go to, there was some possible interest in Fluffy but I haven’t heard back from the person potentially thinking about him. The kittens are developing wonderfully, and Felix has finally warmed up to me. He is almost as cuddly as Tom Tom now! Just the last few days he has been crawling into my lap, snuggling down and purring away. Grey Wind is also getting more and more comfortable with people; she is definitely the most shy of the litter but at least now she will come out to play by herself (where as previously she would wait for all the others to venture out first) and is actually a really cheeky little inquisitive monkey. I can see her getting into lots of trouble!

Investing in a crate was a great idea. When I first got the kittens and they were absolutely terrified of humans, I kept them in their crate with a big blanket, litter tray and their food/water bowls, and had the whole thing in my room. This gave them a chance to get used to the sight of me, and made them within easy reach for lots of handling and cuddles. After a couple of days the crate was opened up and they were given access to a small room as well. The crate has always remained a safe place for them, though, and when something spooks them it is where they will first retreat to. I think it’s important for them to have security like that.

The next couple of weeks are going to pass so quickly! I will miss them, of course, but there will be no better feeling than seeing them go to awesome homes.

More updates to come!

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