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The kittens were piled into their carrier Thursday morning and whisked up to the vet. All five of them had full veterinary checkups and vaccinations – Nymeria had her second vaccination but because she was so young when she received her first vax she will still need another in 3-4 weeks. The five of them are doing really, really well. Tom Tom already has a home to go to once he is desexed, microchipped and fully vaccinated – I must say, if I was to keep one it would probably be him or Fluffy. They are the two snuggliest. Nymeria has turned into an extremely playful and confident young creature – she purrs when she’s getting pats all cuddled up in bed but otherwise all she wants to do is play with you. She has so much energy. During the day they have the run of the downstairs bathroom and morning and night when I’m around the door to the kitchen gets opened up as well so they just tear across the floor. As soon as Nymeria sees she has access to the kitchen her ears prick up no matter what she’s doing and she’s out and already racing between your feet.

Greywind is still a shy little girl. I can pat her on her blankie, get her curled up in my lap and she has actually climbed into my lap herself if Tom Tom and Fluffy are all cosy there, she enjoys playing and has started coming out of her shell but is still very wary of strangers. I think she will make a lovely pet, especially for someone who wants an animal that needs to trust their owner and feel secure.

Fluffy is just great. I can’t believe that when I first got the kittens Fluffy was the most hissy and Tom Tom was the most shy – you would never know looking at them now. Fluffy loves playtime and he also loves cuddles. He will climb into your lap to watch the others play or sidle up beside you and lean against you for some pats. He’s going to make his future owners very happy!

Felix still needs some work. He has relaxed so much – he no longer hides in the back of their crate but will sleep in their bed out in the open; he comes out to play and no longer bites and scratches when I handle him. He is still flighty and does hiss if a person suddenly appears in his view without warning, but I’m confident he will settle pretty soon.

I’ll leave this post with a few more recent phone-quality photos.