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Welcome to my blog, and thank you for visiting! I’ve created this blog with the aim of sharing and exploring adventures, experiences and passions close to my heart. I’m hoping it will give any readers something they can take away for themselves whether it be inspiration, ideas, awareness, new perspective, or simply just enjoyment from reading the posts.

To start, my name is Samantha. I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, and I know NZ will always be home no matter where I may find myself. Since I can remember I have enjoyed the company of critters great and small. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (Wildlife Management and Animal Welfare), and I have always strived to work in some animal field or other from shelters to zoos to rehabilitation centres to veterinary hospitals.

Since I was little, non-human animals have been my fascination and main interest. I grew up in a house backing onto a reserve in the suburbs, and we’d always be out feeding the ducks and other birds. One thing I learnt more and more growing up was that animals cannot speak for themselves. Like human babies, they are dependent upon others to stand up for their welfare. Animals have all levels of intelligence and a lot of the time I think it is forgotten how sentient they really are. We all have complex nervous systems, different methods of reproduction, brains of various sizes and function, and unique designs that give us the ability to fit into certain ecosystems. Different species work into different niches – thus through all of these connections life on earth progresses. We are all important to each other in some way.

I tend to find myself drawn to people who care about what happens to the world and who strive to personally contribute something positive. There is so much to be passionate about – so much that needs to be done – and I really do feel that if each person contributed something positive to an issue they felt strongly about, the world would be better off. For me, I aim to dedicate a month (or three) each year to a wildlife rescue and/or conservation project. And that is why I have this blog – to recount the journeys, and explore the things that really matter to me. I’m grateful to anyone who takes the time to read it, and hope that it encourages others to share and think about their own journeys and adventures. My latest expedition was to Borneo for the first time where I worked at an orangutan rehabilitation center for a few months, and I am currently in the USA back with some arctic wolves that I have spent a bit of time with in the past. Keep an eye on the blog for updates!


Note: All the photographs used in this blog are my own unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use them please be polite and contact me for permission. :)

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Borneo – Orangutans: 2016


2014 - Arctic Wolves

America – Wolves: 2014


Thailand elephant walk Samantha Boston wildatheart Blameitonmywildheartblog

Thailand – Elephants: 2013


White arctic wolf kiss Samantha Boston wildatheart Blameitonmywildheartblog

America – Wolves: 2010


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