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I have returned from volunteering at the Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre in the forests of Borneo, where I stayed for two months caring for resident rescued animals. Alongside orang-utans, the Centre also cares for animals such as monkeys and the occasional pygmy elephant. Most animals are at the sanctuary because they lost their families and homes to the unsustainable palm-oil industry and illegal wildlife trafficking. Countless animals lose their habitats and quality of life due to these industries, and I wanted to make a difference to those that I could.

SORC is a non-government funded organisation that relies solely on donations. As part of my excursion I did some fundraising and was able to provide a donation that went directly towards the health and welfare of the animals in our care – I am incredibly grateful to those who so generously donated to my cause and attended any of my fundraisers.

To my individual supporters, thank you SO MUCH:
Alan (NZ), JB (NZ), Joanna (NZ), Michael (NZ), Kymmy (Australia), Jonathan (NZ), Debra (NZ), Brian (NZ), Brett (NZ), Shirley (England), Andi (USA), Ty (NZ), Veronica (NZ), Rags (NZ), Virginia (NZ), Joe (NZ), Sudeepta, Sara Wiseman (AUS), Mink (NZ), Erin (NZ)
…plus all of the wonderful anonymous supporters from across the globe, and everyone who came along to my fundraisers. Your contributions are incredibly appreciated, and thoughts of your support keep me going when things get a bit tough!

Thank you also to the following businesses for assisting my fundraising efforts:
The Bucklands Beach Veterinary Clinic
CareVets Mt Wellington
Sommerville Veterinary Centre
Ponsonby Vet

Thank you also to all those who support me and my work by visiting and reading this blog!